The art of marketing through direct mails

Oct 21, 2016

The art of marketing through direct mails

The art of marketing through direct mails

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Success in your business is usually pegged on marketing. A business can rely on particular marketing methods suitable for their target market and the area they are located, like the direct mail marketing technique. It involves a wide category of marketing materials like catalogues, brochures, newsletters and also postcards.

This must be done in a smart manner such that the information reaches the target audience, being precise and creating interest on the part of the audience. There are some strategies that should be employed in order to realise the change in revenues and customer awareness expected.

Know your target market

Does your target market for new customers include all age groups or is it particularly for children, youth or the elderly? This information will help you to know the tone to use in your messages. Also, make sure to know their shopping behaviours and their response to new products being launched. Their lifestyle is also a key pointer to what they are particularly keen on while making purchases. Among all these, identify the ideal customers whom you don’t mind spending your marketing costs on; this is because sending the mails to each will be expensive and only a small percentage may be interested anyway.

Mailing list and piece

A correct mailing list will save you on several factors. You have a wide variety of lists to choose and they are usually priced competitively. There are some that offer speciality lists for you to select the target audience and the customised ones for any criteria suitable to be chosen. Some lists are cloned, selecting the audience that is similar to the current customers.

The most important thing here is the mailing itself; it should represent your brand in a consistent manner such that products or services offered are reflected in the mailing. A successful mailing should identify a need and show how you are going to satisfy that need. This is the most important thing that will drive new customers your way; they have to see that you have something to offer for a particular problem.

Direct mail offers

New customers have to see that they will gain something when they become your customer. Devise an inexpensive reward scheme; it can be an offer for a few days, for the first a hundred customers, or a season offer. Make it clear in the mailing piece and any terms and conditions that come with it. You also have to make your brand unique and separate yourself from competition.


There is a need for frequent follow-ups with direct mail marketing. Call your customers a few days after sending them the email, letter or card and ask if they got it and what they feel about it. This will show them that you are interested in them and there is no better customer satisfaction than showing a human side of a business.


Direct mail marketing lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience and you are sure that the message has reached the intended audience. This helps you to control who receives the message, when it can be delivered and the number of people to be reached.