Jun 17, 2014



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Think about the scope of your working life. You wake up, you go to work, you come home and you repeat the cycle. Usually for about 40 years of your life with the occasional holiday in between to build up to a point of relaxation time and exploration until you meet an unfortunate demise.

However morbid that may appear, at least it has now go you thinking. Is that what you really want? How does being able to have the freedom to be able to actively construct an optimum work / life balance that allows you to explore the world while being able to maintain quality of life.

Micro-retirements are not a new concept. Although they may be a liberating experience to many people. What is a micro-retirement? It is basically a non-education based sabbatical that means you work for a period of time then take some time off to do what you want to do and what you love doing. Before you get too old to enjoy life or have more responsibilities than the prime minister, see the benefits that micro retirement can give. Freedom, creativity, focus and well-being improvements sound good? Then so does micro retirement.