Five Promotion Tips

Apr 19, 2021


Five Promotion Tips

Posted in : Business Services on by : Josh

Everyone wants to do well in their career and over time get the raise or promotion that they feel they deserve. However, if you aren’t sure of what types of things you should be doing to get yourself noticed for promotion, then that time may never come.

Five Promotion Tips

1. Upskill- one way to get noticed is making the personal effort to improve and increase your skills and offerings so that you have more to contribute.

2. Identify Success- look at those who have already been promoted in your workplace and try to figure out what got them there.

3. Get Feedback- speak to your supervisor and actively request feedback on what you are doing right, what you could be doing better and what future goals you could be setting for yourself.

4. Stay Motivated and Positive- simply having a ‘can do’ attitude can make all the difference in getting noticed at work as a ‘go-getter’ or someone that can be relied upon.

5. Demonstrate Leadership and Problem Solving- look for a project that could help you demonstrate your leadership abilities and problem-solving skills.

These five tips are excellent ways to get yourself noticed as a motivated and promotable employee.