Latin Business Phrases, Translations And Usage

Feb 21, 2015


Latin Business Phrases, Translations And Usage

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It’s common in the business world to use Latin phrases. Some of this terminology can be confusing at first glance and you might even consider the terms spelling mistakes. But no, they are real and they are usually used to describe and shorten more complex expressions.

Examples Include: Ad hoc – Improvised, devised or applied spontaneously (‘just for this’)

Alias – Otherwise known as, also known as.

Bona Fide – In good faith, honesty, genuine, real.

E.g. (exempli gratia) – For example.

P.S (post script) – To indicate the beginning of a postscript to a letter.

Per se – By itself, intrinsically, exclusively, specifically.

Post mortem – After death.

Plebeius (plebs) – The common people, insulting term for the lower class.

Latin is considered a ‘dead language’ nowadays but it is still widely used and even still taught in schools around the world. In some areas of employment, such as politics, medicine and law, its considered an unwritten rule that its professionals know certain Latin phrases.