Business – Customer Relations, Part 2 – Stability

Nov 17, 2015

Business – Customer Relations, Part 2 – Stability

Business – Customer Relations, Part 2 – Stability

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Continued from part 1

Another important part of business to customer relations is the concept of stability. In business, stability describes the range of output given to the customer.

An example would be that a restaurant that serves fast food, focuses on things that are related to fast food. It would produce fast food items, like soft drinks, fries and burgers as well as toys and free giveaways, all of which are stable within a fast food environment.

If this fast food restaurant was to start selling computers, even if it had more than the means to do so, those computers would not sell because they are not stable with a fast food environment. It alienates its customer base because its stretching its brand too far.

Maintaining stability in business builds trust in your brand. People will gravitate to a stable business and make return visits because they know and trust what they are getting.