Replacing Experienced Staff Members

Apr 15, 2015


Replacing Experienced Staff Members

Posted in : Business Advice on by : Josh

It’s a common notion that people don’t like change. This is especially true in the workplace. However change is sometimes necessary. In a world of increasing part-time roles and a rapidly technologized workplace, change is a given these days.

It usually comes down on the managers shoulders to make the changes. One of these changes is often replacing staff as they come and go. It can be a difficult task to fill a role that someone else originally had. The ex-employee may have been fantastic at their job too.

So what’s the workaround? Well a full re-shuffle of staff members might be the solution. Another is to hire new, experienced staff.

A new staff member doesn’t have to of been working in the same role prior to taking on the job. Focus on what their job experience is, figure out if it matches the new role. It may be the case that an experienced checkout operator would be great at selling food.

Match their job experience and see if it works out on a trial shift.