How A Seating Plan Can Increase Business Output

Mar 5, 2017


How A Seating Plan Can Increase Business Output

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The way an office makes use of space can have a large impact on the way a business works. Just a simple seating plan of who sits next to who can often be enough to help increase the amount of work that gets done day to day.

A good method is to divide staff into relevant departments and sections. Creating diagrams can be a useful way of visualising how each person and each section relates to one another. Most offices are often open plan designs which offers huge advantages in terms of space and communication. However, while the physical space is open, they are almost always divided into alternate sections in order to help work flow more smoothly.

It’s important not to forget personal relationships when organising seating plans. These can be things like:  Are they friends or rivals? Do you want to mix genders or separate them?