Housing Associations and Their Development

Jan 19, 2016


Housing Associations and Their Development

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In the UK, housing developments are non profit organisations which own, let and manage rental housing. Revenue is acquired through rent, which is used to upkeep the property

Housing developments appeared in the post-post-Industrial revolution years of the 19th century. They emerged alongside the emerging middle-class sect of the population. Their importance grew in the 1960s and 70s with the increase and emphasis on social inclusion, and grew in the 1980s, when limitations imposed on council housing by the Thatcher government enabled them to take over a much bigger share of the social housing market, increasing in size and importance.

Over the past few years the validity of housing associations have come into question. Being put under increased pressure, they have been encouraged to provide value for the taxpayer’s which fund them. This has caused the government to come under criticism; that their service is becoming more commercial and less beneficial to the poorest sectors of society.