Crowd Source Funding

Apr 30, 2014


Crowd Source Funding

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An Entrepreneur and start-up company’s biggest consideration outside of having a concrete idea will be its start up capital. If they are have savings from previous investments, businesses or trust funds it will be a bonus. If not they will have to look into all means of funding from loans and beyond. Crowd souring could be a great means to do so.

The simple premiss behind crowd sourcing for funding is the ability to pitch you idea to a wide range of people at one time. This is usually done through various online platforms for a pledge of money for an investment incentive if the funding requirements are met.

The dangers with this is it exposes your entire concept open for adaptation by others as well as if you don’t get all of your asking amount all the funding is gone. On the other hand if you are successful and fulfil the pledge rewards sooner rather than later you will have a wide community of brand ambassadors from the onset.