Highest Paid UK Careers

Oct 20, 2020


Highest Paid UK Careers

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Looking for a career swap or planning for the future? It might be helpful to know where to look for the highest paid careers in the UK. Money isn’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt to know where it’s at…

1. Attorney- graduate jobs in the legal sector typically have high entry-level salary and incredibly high potential salaries, on average £102,000.
2. Director of Operations- graduate jobs in operations are moderate, around £23.000 but the salary can quickly rise to an average of £1000,000.
3. Marketing Director- graduate marketing jobs typically start around £23,000 with potential earnings nearer to £100,000, they average around £92,000.
4. General Practitioner- junior doctors can expect to earn an average of £27,000 and expect a potential average of £88,000 or more.
5. Geologist- a graduate typically starts around £28,000 with a potential earning of around £82,000.
6. Recruitment Consultant- due to commission, recruitment can be a lucrative career choice with graduates starting at £23,000 and possibly reaching a potential of £80,000 as a basic pay with commission added to that.
7. Creative Director- entry-level creative careers can start quite low but can potentially reach a competitive salary of around £80,000.
8. Investment Banker- starting graduate salaries are usually £27,000 and reach around £78,000 at a senior level.
9. Airline Pilot- entry-level pilots earn approximately £36,000, following a large amount of training and as a senior pilot expect an average of £64,000.
10. Data Scientist- graduate usually take home around £27,000 and can reach a potential £61,000, or more in some companies or due to seniority.