Steps to organising an award ceremony

Dec 11, 2017


Steps to organising an award ceremony

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Awards are usually very beneficial in terms of bringing people together for an evening of good fun, whether it be recognising achievements in your company or just fundraising. Pulling up a beautiful and lively awards show needs plenty of work and to help you get started (and not make a mockery of your company) here are some steps to helping you organise a picture perfect event:

There should be a theme

As many award ceremony organisers will know, having a theme will help people get a little excited and psyched up for the event. Choose something that will be inspiring like the Olympic spirit, old school or just future fantastic. Just like how the entertainment and decor helps to inspire the guests, so will your theme. If it’s an Olympic theme for example, you can invite a celebrity athlete or sports person to speak. We’re not sure if they’ll show up but just be creative and have fun with it.


The guests will come for a show and will even have high exceptions, so make it worthwhile. Reading a whole list of the winners or watching the winners take photos can be very tedious and boring to the other guests, so think of how to liven up the time. Try using lights, music to create a spectacle plus also include holograms if you can and you will definitely get the guests jumping out of their seats.


There is no point of planning a big ceremony if your budget is on the lower side. The amount you will need to spend for the ceremony will depend on the model you choose. It can be selling tickets so as to make a profit or it can be a sponsored event that will help a lot in cutting costs or everything will come out of your pocket; it depends. Also think about the costs of promoting your ceremony, will you need to pay for advertisements. Once you have an idea of how to go about it and how much it will cost, you will be able to work on your sponsorship packages or ticket prices.

Choose a Venue

The right venue will depend on the number of guests you are expecting and besides this, so look for a venue that has a wow factor. A unique venue will raise a lot of interest plus award shows are supposed to be glamorous and exciting at the same time so as to promote anticipation. So, don’t ignore or assume unlikely venues because of their creative lighting etc. Remember to look for a venue that has hosted plenty of awards before and ask to see photos of their previous events so you can see how it will all work out.

There is a lot to think about when planning for an awards ceremony but it is one of the most rewarding and an effective event that helps you achieve different types of business goals. They are worth the effort.